1. Late Dr. T.N. JHA Memorial & Dr. K.P. Chansoria Travel Grants
Eight travel grants and a Medal for the winner will be awarded. Open for post-graduate students of ISA.
Rules And Regulations
i.) Travel Grants : Last date of receiving the nomination is 27th November ’08
Eight Travel grants by merit, one each to a member of ISA will be given every year to attend the Annual National Conference of ISA. The amount of grant will be Rs. 1,000/- to each participant to meet the travel expenses.

ii.) Selection of Candidate
The Selection of candidate will be done by the state on the following basis:
a) He/She must be a member of the ISA
b) He/She has to be a postgraduate student at the time when he/she reads the paper in respective state annual conference of the year.
c) His/Her paper was adjudged as the best from among the postgraduates who read the papers in the conference.
d) He/She presents the same paper in the Annual Conference of ISA immediately following the state conference.

iii.) Submission
He/She should submit a certificate endorsing the above facts from Hon. Secretary of ISA of respective state to ISA Secretary at HQ for inclusion in the competition before 28th November each year. At places, where no state branches are functioning, the paper with the recommendation from ISA City Branch Secretary will be accepted with the provision that only one paper from each state will be allowed

iv.) Competition for medal
All such papers accepted for competition, would be read in one session at afternoon of 27th Dec. every year and the President ISA will chair the session. The Vice President, ISA will be the co-coordinator of the function which is an ISA function. The Chairperson will introduce the theme of this award and the donors to the audience.

The judging team will consist of, (a) Vice President ISA (b) Editor IJA (c) One Past President of ISA. Time allotted for presentation will be 7 minutes followed by 2 minutes of interaction. Only judges are allowed to ask questions. After evaluation of the paper presented, with the permission of the chair, audience can interact with the presenter, if time available.

Judging of paper will be based on the art of presentation of the paper, methodology of the work presented and the audience control while presenting and answering of the questions.

The President ISA will declare the best paper presented at the end of the session and the winner is entitled for Dr. T.N. Jha Memorial and Dr. K.P. Chansoriya Medal, which will be awarded at Valedictory function following Annual General Body meeting.

2. ISA Family Benefits
All over India, we have roughly 15000 ISA members,out of which,only 705 members have been enrolled as FBS, ISA Kakinada as on today.

ISA, FBS organisation has a goal to disburse fraternity amount roughly about,Rs,10 Lacksto the deceased family member; Rs 200/- is contributed by each FBS member towards each death,as compared to other Social Security Schemes organised by Gynecologists, & Ophalmologistswho are paying round about 12 to 15 Lacks,to their berewed families,by contributing, Rs 500/-by each member of their respective Schemes. So we have to increase the membership by enrolling new life members of ISA

1)No age bar/ No medical tests/ Irrespective of the existing health status, can become member.
2)Amount receivable in the hands of berewed family members is Tax Free amount.

It is a small social contribution to our own associated colleagues,as financial assistance,also a social obligation,which will be a substantial amount ,in the hands of nominees,and it is an unmatchable scheme as compared to any Insuarance Company Schemes so far available.

For ,eg. IMA Maharastra State SSS,Bombay,has 4732 members on register at present,since the inception of the scheme (1990); in the last financial yr, 13 Deaths have occurred,a meagre amount contributed by them has given a substantial amount of Rs. 2,76,730/- in return ; you can refer the Xerox copy of the statement attached.

National SSS, IMA Gujarat,has completed 10,000 members and are contributing Rs,50/-towards each death, and they have fixed the Advance Fraternity Contribution,admission fees varying according to the age member at the time of entry to the Scheme.

Karnataka State SSS has enrolled 1000 members as on today,& they have various benefits, like disability ,Retiring , & death & by charging so many fees as mentioned there in, the Xerox document being attached for your information.

An appeal to be made to Life Members of ISA ,all over India to enrol them as FBS members, at large irrespective of their financial status & earnings,with a motto to help our own berewed family nominees,so as to make them more secure.