Welcome to ISA Karnataka

Dear Fellow ISA Members & Friends,
Greetings from ISA Karnataka State.

ISA Karnataka state branch has brought changes since 2009 by going online. Membership application to updating, reporting etc, are online. All information are passed on to the members through our website and by E- Communication. So, please visit our website www.isakarnataka.in regularly. Members will be benefited by use of the modern technology.

Database of our members in not updated and is inadequate sometimes. Every member is requested to visit our website www.isakarnataka.in and see the list and give information about any member they know from the list and help ISA Karnataka to update the data base.

The new, updated website of ISA Karnataka is going online on the occasion of the 33rd ISACON KARNATAKA 2017 Conference at Ballari.

The delegates will benefit from announcements of workshops, CME & lectures from eminent & experienced Anaesthesiologists throughout Karnataka and update their knowledge & skill and provide up-to-date patient care.

Dr. M. G. Dhorigol

President, ISA Karnataka State

Dear Colleagues…

Medicine is passing through times of crisis. We are struggling to improve the patient care and keep the society healthy on several fronts. Anaesthesiology being a central speciality to various health delivery mechanisms, we are at more acute situation in all these efforts. Heavy leaning on technology for safe as well as efficient anaesthesia care, condemns the specialty to severe stress. Anaesthesiologists take pride in keeping abreast of advances in various fields of science, mind it, not only medicine per say, as our working environ is a culmination of technologies integrated from several branches of modern science. Add to it the adventurism of Clover’s fellows, often we practice at entirely different location than from our studies or initiation in to the field of medicine, compelling to have a hint of local sociology before embarking upon setting up the practice. All encompassing, multidimensional, 360° of world view for imbibing advents of science is essential for progress of the specialty. Karnataka State Branch of Indian Society of Anaesthesiologists takes pride in guiding the brethren in right direction. Reaching each one of member is being our motto, the revamped website shall bridge whatever gap resulting from human deficiency in adequately employing the most advanced technology in daily life.

Here we all shall meet to share, care and advance in our academic and professional fronts. Each one is welcome to utilize the platform for parting with their piece of experience, promote fellow specialist in solving the problems while together we prosper the anaesthesia delivery. I invite all members to visit the website regularly to participate in the activities of ISA to maximum.

Simultaneously, we shall be grateful to Dr Balabhaskar and his team for upgrading and maintaining the public face of our association in the best possible way!

Dr. Sripada G Mehandale

Hon. Secretary, ISA Karnataka State